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Star Wars: Legion - Core Set

Star Wars: Legion - Core Set
The Galactic Civil war between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance is raging and Star Wars: Legion is here to bring those battles to your gaming table. Assemble your forces, lead them against your opponents, and gain glory for your chosen faction. Whether you prefer to play the almighty Galactic Empire or the scrappy Rebel Alliance, this core set has everything you need to start a campaign in the exciting, expansive universe of Star Wars.


- 33 Character Miniatures, Including:
- Luke Skywalker Miniature with Lightsaber (exclusive to Core Set)
- Darth Vader Miniature with Lightsaber (exclusive to Core Set)
- 2 Squads of Rebel Troopers
- Bipedal AT-RT Miniature with Rotary Blaster or Flamethrower (exclusive to Core Set)
- 2 Squads of Stormtroopers
- 8 Barricade Miniatures
- 15 Dice
- 3 Movement Tools
- 1 Range Ruler
- 8 Unit Cards
- 35 Upgrade Cards
- 14 Command Cards
- 12 Battle Cards
- 1 Round Counter
- 107 Tokens