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Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion

Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion
When regular troops aren't enough, the Rebel Alliance relies on specialized strike teams to hit the Empire where it hurts the most. Trained in advanced combat tactics and wielding state-of-the-art gear, Rebel Commandos skirt the edges of the battlefield, striking from deep cover. The Rebel Commandos Unit Expansion allows you to use the Rebel Commandos, with their unorthodox tactics, to field two distinct special forces units: a four-miniature squad or a two-miniature strike team outfitted with special weapons. Whether you add a deadly sniper or a saboteur, this expansion gives you even more options for specializing your Rebel army!


- 7 Rebel Commando Miniatures
- 1 Unit Card
- Upgrade Cards