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Star Wars: X-Wing (2nd Edition) - C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack

Star Wars: X-Wing (2nd Edition) - C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack
This heavy vessel is popular with many criminal operations, cartels, and syndicates in the Outer Rim thanks to its ability to carry massive weapons batteries. With its unique, dirty tricks that help it stay one step ahead of the law, the C-ROC is a flexible and dangerous craft perfect for hauling for illicit cargo or haunting the hyperlanes in search of easy targets. This Sum and Villainy Expansion contains everything you need to add this armed transport to your Scum and Villainy or Separatist Alliance forces.


- 1 C-CROC Cruiser Miniature (with base & pegs)
- 2 Ship Cards
- 3 Command, Crew Upgrade Cards
- 5 Hardpoint Upgrade Cards
- 1 Cannon Upgrade Card
- 1 Turret Upgrade Card
- 2 Missile Upgrade Cards
- 2 Crew Upgrade Cards
- 2 Gunner Upgrade Cards
- 7 Team Upgrade Cards
- 4 Cargo Upgrade Cards
- 3 Illicit Upgrade Cards
- 1 Device Upgrade Card
- 3 Title Upgrade Cards
​- 1 Configuration Upgrade Card
- 54 Tokens
- 1 Huge Ship Maneuver Tool
- 1 Huge Ship Resource Tracker
- 1 Huge Ship Damage Deck
- 1 Huge Ship Rulebook