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Star Wars: X-Wing (2nd Edition) - First Order Conversion Kit

Star Wars: X-Wing (2nd Edition) - First Order Conversion Kit
The First Order uses a variety of starfighters based on classic Imperial designs, but with a number of refinements that give them the edge over the meddlesome Resistance. This First Order Conversion Kit contains everything you need to make your First Edition version of these ships immediately available to use in your Second Edition squadrons. New ship cards and tokens, some of the most celebrated First Order Pilots, new upgrade cards, and many other tools you may need to bring the glory of the Empire back to its full potential.


- 26 Ship Tokens
- 7 TIE/fo Fighter Maneuver Dials
- 5 Special Forces TIE Maneuver Dials
- 3 TIE Silencer Maneuver Dials
- 3 Upsilon-Class Shuttle Maneuver Dials
- 7 Dial ID Tokens
- 51 Ship Cards
- 105 Upgrade Cards
- 2 Condition Cards
- 5 Turret Arc Indicators
- 39 Other Tokens