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Suburbia Collector's Edition Game - Kickstarter Edition

Suburbia Collector's Edition Game - Kickstarter Edition
Suburbia is a tile-laying, city-building game from Ted Alspach, originally published in 2012. Suburbia has won numerous awards, is highly rated on, and is widely considered the best city-building boardgame of all time. Suburbia Collector's Edition has been totally reworked from the ground up, with all new art, components, and additions. The fresh look of the design brings new life and amazing detail to your cities. The game features four sets of custom-designed Game Trayz™ with lids for organizing and displaying components. In addition, it includes all existing expansions and promo tiles and even a brand new expansion: Nightlife. There are plenty of Kickstarter exclusives: metal coins, a lighted start player marker, wooden interactivity markers, and a themed tile set guide.