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Warball Trading Card Game Battle Box [Game]

Warball Trading Card Game Battle Box [Game]
Warball redefines trading card games with a revolutionary new system that combines traditional strategy with innovative, tactical, head-to-head marble action and dazzling card graphics. In Warball, players use warballs (collectible marbles) as assault weapons to knock opposing warballs off the battlefield through high-velocity, high-impact attacks, while a range of assaults is directed by the cards. Add another level of strategy to each battle with collectible Savage warballs embedded with highly detailed figures based upon characters illustrated on the cards. Strategy determines success or failure in your quest for supremacy of the planet Garnath! Warball is introduced in Battle Boxes containing a 60-card deck, two Savage, six Master, and 16 Core warballs, plus a storage pouch, 24 ring stands, six markers, a ruler, and a 24-page rule book, while Skirmish Packs feature a 15-card set deck, and one Savage, two Master, and four Core warballs, plus six stands, six markers, a ruler, storage pouch, and a 24-page rule book. Supplement your battles with boosters packed with five cards, one Master warball and two Core warballs.