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At dawn, the trumpets sound, Mayor Tenpenny’s shovel breaks ground, and the race is on! You have five months to transform the humble town of Fairview into the home of the world’s greatest theme parks. Gather your team of bankers, realtors, contractors, builders, and arborists. Construct rides through the stone age, the American old west, the age of fantasy, the cosmos of space, and the depths of the sea. Inspire thrill, awe, and joy in your guests to earn their tickets, for whoever attracts the most vistors at the end of the race will be awarded Fairview’s Golden Key!
•​A game of Tenpenny Parks is played over five rounds, called months.
•Each month, players take turns placing workers on the game board to take actions like removing trees, building concessions and attractions, and buying more property to make their growing theme parks as attractive to Visiting People (VP tokens) as possible.
•At the end of each month, rewards are given to the player with the park that best exemplifies raw emotions (Thrill, Awe, and Joy).
•After five months, the player with the most VP tokens wins!
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 45-75 Minutes Playing Time

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