Zombicide: The Boys Character Pack #2


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The Seven may be celebrities, but The Boys know the dark underside of the super hero life. This vigilante group’s goal is to stop Vought’s plans and they’re willing to go through The Seven to get there. The Boys Character Pack #2 brings characters from The Boys television show to player’s tabletops, adding them to Zombicide 2nd Edition as Survivors. This set includes figures and stats for Billy Butcher, Hughie, Starlight (Classic), Kimiko, Frenchie, and Mother’s Milk. It also gives players stats to use Terror, the Bulldog, as a Companion. There’s even an Equipment card to use the Laser Baby.
•DIVERSE CHARACTER ROSTER: Embrace the mix of regular Survivors and "Supes" in The Boys Character Pack #2, offering a variety of play styles for Zombicide 2nd Edition.
•SPECIAL COMPANIONS INCLUDED: Includes Terror the Bulldog as a unique Dog Companion, adding an extra layer of strategy and fun to your gameplay.
•ICONIC CHARACTERS FROM THE BOYS: Play as Billy Butcher, Hughie, Annie ‘Starlight’, Kimiko, Frenchie, and Mother’s Milk, each with their distinct skills and personalities.
•EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT CARDS: Utilize the special Laser Baby equipment card, along with other unique gear, to gain an edge against the undead.
•COMPLETE PACK CONTENTS: Comes with 6 ID Cards, 2 Ultimate Skill Reference Cards, 1 Terror Equipment Card, 1 Laser Baby Equipment Card, and 1 Rules Leaflet for comprehensive gameplay integration.

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