Cultists & Cthulhu Card Game (2nd Edition)

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Cultists & Cthulhu is a card game where your fervent desire to lead your cult in nefarious rituals is complicated by incompetent underlings, meddling kids, and imminent madness.
•It's hard work running a Cthulhu cult!
•INCOMPETENCE ABOUNDS: Your underlings are useless, madness is imminent, and a compelling sacrifice is hard to find. (and these are just your Monday problems.)
•ALIEN GODS R US: What could be finer than inviting horrors from beyond space and time to ravage the Earth? So! Fun!
•THE STARS ALIGN: Lovecraftian humor keeps it light. Simple rules invite everyone to play. It's time to awaken some evil!
•2-8 Players | Ages 8+ | 20+ Minutes Playing Time

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