Darkridge Reunion: A Killer Party Game

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High School was brutal... but adulthood is DEADLY! What you did in high school still matters in this live action game that's part murder mystery, part survival game and entirely devious. Even the host joins in the excitement as players create a new storyline every time they play!
•A KILLER PARTY GAME: Set at a high school reunion, former Jocks, Geeks and Rebels compete as teams against each other, going so far as to “kill” to get ahead!
•FULLY IMMERSIVE: Players interact and move in real time across multiple rooms while avoiding the killer, who might literally sneak up on them
•100% REPLAYABLE: Everyone receives randomly selected secret missions, allowing the host to join and enabling repeat play
•MURDER DEVICE INCLUDED: Each game set includes a glowing foam dagger, 12 character options, 14 secret missions, 14 artifacts and 14 ghost objectives
•6-12 Players | Ages 12+ | 60-90 Minutes Playing Time

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