Steve Jackson's Munchkin Presents Batman (Kickstarter Edition)

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In this game, each player takes the part of one of the arch-villains fighting for control of Gotham City. The Joker, Catwoman, and the rest each have a special power, & sometimes they are helped by accomplices like Bane, Clock King, and the quirky lesser foes that plague the Dynamic Duo. In regular Munchkin, you kill monsters. In this game, you commit crimes, ranging from Take Candy from a Baby to Reveal the Location of the Bat-Cave. Successful crimes move you toward victory. Failures can send you to Arkham Asylum. And Batman, with the faithful Robin, and the Gotham City police force, are right around the corner! There are a few new game mechanics, too. In particular, keep your eye on the card art! A good Supervillain is always attentive to detail. Ally with your fellow arch-criminals! Break those alliances when they least expect it! Use magnificent inventions like the Grappling Gun and the fiendish Carnivorous Color-Coordinated Confetti to aid your crimes... or to harass your rivals.
•Kickstarter edition includes the base game, a dice pack, blank cards, the bat computer kill-o-meter, and dice bag
•The criminals of Gotham City are competing to see who is the greatest Super-Villain of all!
•Play as a classic bad guy and battle against your competitors to commit crimes, foil Batman, and escape Arkham Asylum.
•First one to Level 10 rules Gotham!
•3-6 Players | Ages 10+ | 1-2 Hours Playing Time

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