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In Dice Theme Park, you take on the role of an ambitious theme park owner. Expand and improve your park with new rides and attractions, compete to attract the right mix of guests (represented by dice) on the futuristic monorail, and keep them entertained by recruiting staff to dress up as your world-famous mascot. The more you can delight your guests, the more stars you earn. Join the ride and find out if you have what it takes to run the best Dice Theme Park!
•In Dice Theme Park, when you activate your attractions you’ll pip down the dice that were activated, and then move them to an adjacent tile.
•You can then activate that tile and move the dice again, creating a cascade that can go on as long as you have tiles to activate. This means the more efficiently you can move your dice around to activate the most rewarding rides, the more points and money you receive. It’s combo-tastic!
•You’ll be able to customise your park with various upgrades, attractions, and mascot skills.
•Each game you’ll create a new park with new combos to explore. Synergies between attraction tiles, mascot skills, upgrades, and administrators will mean that every time you play Dice Theme Park it’s a new and exciting experience.

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