Dungeons & Dragons: Icons of the Realm - Elemental Evil Booster Brick

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Four apocalyptic cults of Elemental Evil are building secret sanctuaries and outposts throughout the North, bringing terror and destruction to the Forgotten Realms. Each cult is devoted to one of the Princes of Elemental Evil (godlike entities embodying air, earth, fire, and water) and is led by a nihilistic prophet, corrupted by power. WizKids, the industry leader in quality pre-painted plastic miniatures, is pleased to bring the award-winning world of Dungeons & Dragons® to life in this latest series of fantasy miniatures! Centered around the Elemental Evil story line these fantastic pre-painted miniatures are sure to delight and enhance your collection. Enjoy new Foes and NPCs for your players to interact with and potentially destroy!
•Bring the world of the Forgotten Realms to life with these new miniatures from the Elemental Evil storyline.
•Each brick contains 8 boosters
•Each D&D Icons of the Realms: Elemental Evil Standard Booster contains four figures: 1 large and 3 medium or small figures.
•Collect all 44!

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