Final Girl: The Happy Trails Horror

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Summer camp turns deadly in: The Happy Trails Horror. This Feature Film box stars Hans - The Butcher, who murders and feasts on unsuspecting campers. When an unlikely heroine emerges, will it be enough to stop the killing?
•Confront your greatest fears in The Horror at Happy Trails, a thrilling addition to your Final Girl experience!
•Choose either of the two included Final Girls, Laurie or Reiko, and go head-to-head with Hans the Butcher, an unstoppable killer who hides behind an iron mask and bludgeons his victims to death with a massive sledgehammer.
•Scavenge the camp for whatever weapons and tools will help you survive, including axes, bear traps, and even the keys to the motor boat. It'll take every last ounce of courage to make it home from this summer camp in one piece!
•This is NOT a standalone game! You must have the Final Girl Core Box to play!
•1 Player | Ages 14+ | 20-60 Minutes Playing Time

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