Force of Will: Clash of the Star Trees Booster Pack

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Aristella gained the power of the Crimson Moon, and the heroes of Cocoon defeated Tsuki-hime and the Imitation Gears. However, to overthrow Solaris, they learned that they needed to awaken "Legacies," which are sealed memories from old worlds scattered throughout the universe. The Legacies currently possessed by the heroes are "Little Maria" and "Little Red." With the joining and guidance of Brad, the heroes head for the planet where the next Legacy is sealed, but they are pulled apart by the interference of Solaris and end up in the next world. This world is divided by seven kings called "Seven Stars" who fight each other. The heroes are forced to cooperate with each king and join the battle to unify this world. Actually, this world was created by Solaris based on the world's memories. They are sealing the legacy with the power of the Malefic World Tree...
•10 cards per pack
•This is the fifth set in the Hero Cluster.
•Introduces the Betrayer, Malefic Tree, Seven Stars, Virtuous Girl, and World Tree races.
•Includes support for the Avatar, Beast, Dinosaur, Dragon, Ethereal, Fairy, Gears, Goddess, Human, Mermaid, Ninja, Oni, Phoenix, Seven Kings, Spider, Spirit, Wicked Spirit, and Zombie races.
•Introduces the "[Chaining]" keywords/mechanics.

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