Force of Will: Crimson Moon's Battleground Booster Pack

Force of WillSKU: YCW403824-pack

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The booster set contains 4 new Ruler cards. H4 will now have four types of Rulers with different mechanics. Aristella can [Tag] with Rulers from the Grim Cluster as of this set, and Elektra appears as a Ruler with a new card called Armament. Reunion has a deck that draws cards at random, and Solaris can [Tag] with two rulers of three select types. The set breaks down to featuring 45 kinds of normal cards,15 kinds of rares, 6 kinds of rare/J-Ruler cards, 15 kinds of super rares, 5 kinds of marvel rares, 14 kinds of sub ruler rares, 6 kinds of Rulers, 1 extension rule, 4 kinds of secret cards, 6 kinds of Will coin cards, 1 kind of token, and 18 kinds of life counter cards. Each booster comes with 10 cards.
•This pack contains 10 random cards.
•Full set contains 104 cards.
•Hero cluster 4th Set
•English Edition
•Ages 13+

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