Hellapagos: Big Box


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Hellapagos is a "co-opetition" game in which players struggle to survive on a desert island and build a raft to escape before a hurricane devastates them. While players need to work together, it's not likely that everyone will survive this backstabbing negotiation game for up to twelve players. After becoming shipwrecked, your group of castaways finds themselves on a desert island. At first, the surroundings seem like paradise, but life soon proves difficult. Water and food are scarce. It’s doubtful whether everyone can survive this diet. There is only one solution: Construct a large raft together. But don’t waste any time, because the clouds on the horizon suggest the arrival of a dangerous hurricane! At the end of the game, the players who manage to leave the island in time will win (assuming anyone survives that long!).
•ALL CONTENT IN ONE BOX: The Big Box includes both the Hellapagos base game and They're No Longer Alone expansion in just a single, convenient box!
•GATHER RESOURCES: Go fishing, search wreckage, collect water, or gather wood to help everyone survive and escape the island!
•VOTE PEOPLE OFF THE ISLAND: If you don't have enough rations to feed everyone, tough choices have to be made... Consider who contributed most, or who convinced you they should stay!
•ESCAPE BEFORE THE STORM: Rebuild the raft with enough supplies to sustain everyone before you reveal the thunderstorm card!
•PERFECT FOR BIG GROUPS: Increase the social elements of the strategy by adding more players to the mix, creating more drama during voting!

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