Longwinter RPG: Visitor's Book

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Winters are long and beautiful in the high valleys of Brezim. A cosy roleplaying setting of high mountains and deep problems. Longwinter is the two-book RPG sandbox of a mountainous winter country on the cusp between the old and the new, the edge of modernity, the stepping stone of a new age. New mines and industries are opened, light breaks the gloom of ancient ruins, change comes to sweep away the cobwebs of history. But cobwebs do not go easily into the dust. This winter will be memorable.
•This book contains common knowledge and mechanics for all the players: heroes and referees.
•Longwinter: The Visitor's Book contains tools for running Longwinter at the table.
•The idea behind splitting Longwinter into two books is to make it easier for the players to share the world, while preserving the challenges and random events for the visitor alone.
•The setting is profoundly close to that of Witchburner (by the same author and artist).
•The content is mostly system-neutral. It references some 5E or d20-style conventions, but should work with most low-power systems easily.

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