Marvel Black Panther Premium Dice Set

USAOPOLYSKU: AC011-776-002201-12

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Take T’Challa’s noble spirit to your next game night with the Marvel Black Panther Premium Dice Set! This black and purple marbled, vibranium blue engraved 6-sided dice set features an icon of the masked defender with Wakandan numbers, all stored in an embossed tin carrying case decorated with a graphic of the superhero’s spiked collar.
•Power up your game night with this collectible Marvel Black Panther premium 6-sided dice set - includes tin carrying case.
•High-quality durable d6 dice perfect for your next game night involving dice games, D&D, RPG games, teaching counting and math skills, or for other games.
•Dice are easy to read 6-sided dice with pips for quick reference.
•Material: Dice made from acrylic for maximum durability during gameplay and are easy to roll, waterproof, and oxidation-proof.
•6 Dice | Players 1+ | Ages 8+ | 15+ Minute Play Time

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