Penny Dreadful The Voyage Volume | An Anthology of One Shot Adventures

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Six One Shot adventures that were previously only available digitally are now included in one epic volume! The Voyage Volume includes adventures that will send the Fated to journey into the strange corners and environments within the world of Malifaux!
•Badlands Invitational - In a motorcar race across the barren landscapes of the Badlands, the Fated are tasked with ensuring one racer’s safety!
•The House That December Built - In a mansion deep in the Quarantine Zone, the Fated will discover a curse that has an icy grip on the family that once resided here.
•The Dead Tide - After a sudden storm, the Fated find themselves aboard an abandoned, ancient ship… or so they first believe.
•Voyage to the Moon - Tasked by a curious member of the Explorer’s Society, the Fated are strapped in to a strange craft and are jettisoned to the moon!
•Into the Logic Engine - In a flash of neon light, the Fated are brought into a construct’s kaleidoscopic realm they’ve never witnessed before.

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