Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude

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The years leading to WW2 were full of political, military, and technological events, as the major Powers struggled for supremacy in preparation of the greatest conflict of our history. This historical period has been reproduced for Quartermaster General WW2 with Quartermaster General WW2 Prelude, a fast card-driven pre-game that can be played to set the stage for the conflict of Quartermaster General WW2. Prelude is a not a complete game as it’s required to have a copy of Quartermaster General WW2 to play it. It’s also possible to use Prelude with Quartermaster General Total War expansion.
•Prelude presents a short pre-game, setting the stage for WW2 and has a truncated sequence of play designed to create differing opening situations from whence regular play can begin.
•This is a second edition of the game and adds two new cards and includes several clarifications to the first cards in the regular game, while Armament cards are played facedown on the table, like Response cards in the regular game.
•But both types of cards differ from the regular cards for effects and mechanics.
•The Prelude cards are not a part of the country’s regular deck. Instead, players have to use a separate draw deck and discard pile for their Prelude cards. Most of the Prelude cards will be returned to the box before the regular game begins.
•2-6 Players | Ages 13+ | 15+ Minutes Playing Time

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