Sky Team Board Game | Prepare for Landing!

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Take the control of a commercial airliner and become a team of pilots! Coordinate your efforst and try to successfully land your plane. Feel all the tension from inside the cockpit. From Montreal to Tokyo, discover 11 airports and 21 exciting scenarios inspired by real landing conditions. Wind, kerosene leaks, traffic, ice...Each airport comes with its own set of challenges!
•LAND THE PLANE SAFELY: By the time the plane reaches the airport, you'll need to clear air traffic, adjust your speed, level your wings, and engage the brakes!
•TRUST IN YOUR CO-PILOT: Strategize with your teammate between rounds, but once you roll your dice, trust in each other to carry out your unique responsibilities!
•ADD OPTIONAL MODULES: For richer gameplay, add various modules that change the strategy for a safe landing - kerosene leaks, ice on the tarmac, and even a new intern!
•IMMERSIVE COMPONENTS: Feel the tension as you play within the cockpit of your plane, watching your descent and brewing a cup of coffee when you need to focus.
•TWENTY DIFFERENT SCENARIOS: Increase the challenge and introduce new rules by flying to notable airports around the world, each with unique gameplay.

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