The Dragon Prince Premium Dice Set

USAOPOLYSKU: AC150-731-002200-12

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Take your very own primal cubes to the next game night with The Dragon Prince Premium Dice Set! This ornately designed and antique-washed 6-sided dice set features elemental symbols and numbers inspired by the Netflix Animated Series, all stored in an embossed tin carrying case resembling Callum’s spell book.
•Power up your game night with this collectible Dragon Prince premium 6-sided dice set - includes tin carrying case.
•High-quality durable d6 dice perfect for your next game night involving dice games, D&D, RPG games, teaching counting and math skills, or for other games.
•Dice are easy to read 6-sided dice with pips for quick reference.
•Material: Dice made from acrylic for maximum durability during gameplay and are easy to roll, waterproof, and oxidation-proof.

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