The Shivers Pop-Up Mystery Adventure Board Game

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A pop-up adventure where magic and mystery hide around every corner! One of you will be the storyteller, guiding the events of the episode. The other players work together to solve puzzles, find clues, and defeat ghoulish foes to complete each adventure. First Edition, Core Game.
•A note appears in your mailbox one day: someone is lost inside the old haunted house down the street. It may be a cry for help... or a trap. What do you do?
•Enter the world of The Shivers family, a one-of-a-kind 3D pop-up haunted house adventure! Filled with magic, mystery, and wonder, players will look for clues, find helpful items, solve puzzles, and work together to vanquish fiendish foes during their adventure.
•Each sequential episode takes about an hour to play, and when one is completed the house fully re-arranges and changes with our unique magnetic interlocking tile system and Story Card expansions, so each adventure will leave you shivering!
•2-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 30-60 Minutes Playing Time

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