1759 Siege of Quebec, 2nd Edition

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The Great Sieges game series highlights command decisions for players against a solitaire game engine opponent. They have been designed for easy set up and quick game play. Game unit placement is shown on the game board and units are wooden markers representing troop and ship formations. Each game was developed for solitaire play. In 1759 Siege of Quebec there is also a two player version of the game. Both sides require you to make great decisions based on good strategy, keep your wits about you when orders do not turn out well, and press on to victory. 1759 Siege of Quebec uses a common set of rules for game play but each game has it own set of unique rules related to specifics of those individual sieges.
•Play Solitaire as French or British and a 2 player version too
•Any time one side's morale reaches zero during a turn, the other side wins the game.
•Also, the French win if they hold out until the British Navy departs. And the British can win by taking Quebec.
•1 or 2 Players | Ages 14+ | 1 Hour Playing Time

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