1918-1919: Storm in the West

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In 1992, Ted S. Raicer published his first design in Command Magazine, 1918: Storm in the West, covering the last nine months of WWI on the Western Front. The game was an immediate success and led to the design of a Plan 1919 variant which assumed a German defensive strategy in 1918 and an all-out Allied assault to win the war the following year. GMT is pleased to offer a new boxed version of these classic Great War designs, with new artwork, and including an additional 1918 Allied Offensive scenario published later in Command.
•Update and expansion of this game of the final year of World War I on the western front (plus a hypothetical 1919 campaign year), previously published by Command Magazine
•Strategic-level game of the campaigns of 1918 as first the Germans seek to knock Britain or Franch out of the war, then the Americans arrive putting the Germans permanently on the defensive
•Plan 1919 scenario covers the hypothetical situation had the war continued into that year, and the Allies exercised their plan to use masses of tanks in further offensivers
•2 sided map, 1.5 countersheets, 2weeks/turn, 8mi/hex, div/corp level
•Appropriate for adults 14 years & older

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