A Song of Ice & Fire: Night's Watch Builder Crossbowmen


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The Builders are the designers, engineers, and craftsmen that keep the Night’s Watch stocked with arms and armor, as well as create and maintain the siege weapons along The Wall. But everyone in the Night’s Watch must be ready to take up arms when a threat to Westeros appears, including the Builders. The Builder Crossbowmen unit box gives Night’s Watch commanders a dedicated ranged unit for their forces. Not very swift and lacking heavy armor, the Crossbowmen are still capable of dishing out damage at a distance. Their regular attacks have Sundering, meaning that they can easily pierce enemy armor, while their Order allows them to get a free attack on any enemy foolish enough to try and charge them.
•BUILDER CROSSBOWMEN: Bolster your forces with the skilled and deadly Builder Crossbowmen of Westeros.
•LETHAL MARKSMEN: These highly trained marksmen excel at ranged combat, providing crucial support to your army.
•DEFEND WESTEROS: Command the precision and accuracy of the Builder Crossbowmen as they defend the realm against its enemies.
•CREATE A VERSATILE FORCE: Combine the firepower of the Builder Crossbowmen with other units to craft a balanced and powerful army.
•OFFICIAL ASOIAF MINIATURES: An officially licensed product, compatible with the core game and other expansions.

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