Age of Innovation: A Terra Mystica Game, Faction Strategy Board Game

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Diverse factions, each with unique characteristics, populate this world of varying terrain. Here, you compete to construct buildings and merge them into grand cities. Age of Innovation allows you to create new combinations of Factions, Homelands, and Abilities so that each game plays out in different ways. You control one of these factions and will terraform the world’s terrain into that of your homeland. Then you will be able to construct your buildings, giving you benefits to propel your faction forward. Proximity to other factions may limit your expansion, but it also gains you significant advantages in the game. This tension adds to the appeal of the Terra Mystica universe!
•AGE OF INNOVATIONS: A standalone game in the Terra Mystica universe, expanding the gameplay of its classic predecessor.
•TERRAFORMING: Diverse factions compete by transforming the terrain to their needs, constructing and upgrading buildings and founding towns. Find the right balance between having space to expand and profiting from neighboring factions.
•NO TWO GAMES ALIKE: A modular Faction design and large choice of components ensures that each game plays completely different.
•SOLO MODE by Automa Factory included. 40 minute game play by player for 1-5 players.
•1-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 40 Minutes Playing Time Per Person

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