Agree to Disagree Party Card Game

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We were bored with surface-level, cards-only, and copy-paste party games, so we made something cooler. To score points, you have to physically connect your device, like a usb dongle, finding somebody you disagree with. Recreate the spark at your awesome event, and rediscover your super interesting friends.
•CAN YOU DIVIDE THE TABLE?: Pick a topic within the category that will produce both likes AND dislikes at the table. You’ll need to use your brain (and not your cards) to come up with a great topic.
•IT'S FUN TO DISAGREE!: Humans were born to disagree. Saying no in disagreement was probably one of your first words, but it can become awkward later in life. The gameplay of Agree to Disagree puts disagreements back into the fun-zone.
•WACKY FUN COMPONENTS: Making real connections requires charting new territory in the party game world. To do this, we created a wacky plastic component that encodes your opinion (like/dislike). You encode your opinion by rotating it 180 degrees or not, but it’s symmetric so nobody can tell what you decided. To score points you must physically push your device into another player’s device to see if you agree or disagree.
•PARTY MACHINE: The gameplay has a positive effect that immediately breaks tension. Expect to find unexpected surprises which lead to fun discussions. Even if you think you know your friends and family, there is always something new to learn or deeper connections formed.
•COMPETITIVE AND COOPERATIVE PLAY: With both competitive and cooperative modes to explore, you can keep the party going no matter the player count. The gameplay was cleverly designed so that everybody gets an opinion every round. Combine two boxes for an even larger group (up to 16 players).

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