Alphabet Stoop Word Game

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Alphabet Stoop is a turn-based, word building, tile placement game that is sure to deliver fun to your doorstep! Play as a parcel delivery person dropping off packages (letter tiles) on stoops and using them to spell words. Move your package carriers from stoop to stoop. Carriers must always move via an adjacent stoop. Drop off your packages on stoops and form words with newspapers (vowels), magazines (wild letters), and other packages (consonants). Be the first player to deliver all of your packages OR earn NINE Victory Points to secure your win! (1 point per Stoop Card you occupy and 1 point per Stamp you have).
•UNIQUE PLAY: Not only is Alphabet Stoop a great word-building game, it also incorporates action points you can use on your turn, and a dash of territory control when adding stamps for points!
•WORD-BUILDING: Unleash your linguistic prowess and transform the delivery experience into a journey of language mastery. Every parcel brings not just a package but a chance to craft and conquer words in a uniquely entertaining way.
•FAMILY FRIENDLY: Bond with loved ones as you engage in wholesome word-building fun as you drop off consonant packages. Suitable for almost any age, this game transforms ordinary deliveries into shared moments of joy, laughter, and learning.
•REPLAYABLE: Each delivery becomes a new opportunity for fun as you embark on unique word-building challenges. With a vast array of stoops and letters, this game guarantees hours of replayable delight, ensuring that every game is a fresh adventure.
•FUN AND QUICK: With just a 20 minute play time, you will want to play again and again!

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