Astral Elder Sign Dice - Blue Polyhedral Set

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Elder Dice add the perfect magical touch to any fantasy or horror roleplaying game. They are also great for enhancing your favorite board games. This set features the star-shaped version of the Elder Sign, known as the Astral Elder sign. It is a protective ward against the less-savory immaterial creatures of the world. The symbol replaces the highest value of each die.
•Each set of Elder Dice contains the complete set of nine polyhedral gaming dice: 1 four-sided die, 3 six-sided dice, 1 eight-sided die, 1 ten-sided die, 1 ten-sided percentile die, 1 twelve-sided die, and 1 twenty-sided die.
•The set is packaged in a matching spellbook box with a magnetic clasp.
•It has an interior dimension of 2.75 inches by 3.75 inches.
•It's interior features "The Whisperer in the Web", a work of art by David LaRocca.

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