Atiwa Worker Placement Game

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The Atiwa Range in southeastern Ghana consists of steep-sided hills with rather flat summits and is home to many an endangered species. In a nearby town, the amyor is causing a stir by giving shelter to a large number of fruit bats in his own garden. He has recognized the great value the animals have in deforested regions: Fruit bats sleep during the day and take off at sunset in search of food, looking for fruit trees many miles away. On their way home, they excrete the seeds of the consumed fruit, disseminating them across large areas.
•As a family of fruit farmers, the players learn that fruit bats - once scorned and hunted as mere fruit thieves - are in fact incredibly useful animals.
•Although the nocturnal animals continue to eat fruit from the trees, they also spread the seeds over large areas of the country. That way, they help to reforest fallow land and - in the medium term - improve harvests.
•This realization has led to a symbiotic cooperation between fruit bats and fruit farmers. The animals are kept as "pets" to increase the size of fruit farms more quickly. Tall trees are left as roosts, providing shelter for them rather than hunting them for their scant meat.
•However, if you have a lot of fruit bats, you need a lot of space... The perfect balance between flying foxes (another common name for fruit bats) and the growth of the farm is the key to success and thus victory in this classic worker placement game!
•1-4 Players | Ages 12+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time Per Person

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