Atlantic Robot League

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Place your bets, attack with giant mechs, and collect your prizes! In the far future a new sport has swept the world—Giant Mech Battles! Mile-high giants fight across entire city blocks. Rabid fans wear their favorite team’s colors and gather in virtua-bars to watch the battles. It’s the perfect time for a savvy gambler to get filthy rich. Even if you have to cheat just a little bit!
•In Atlantic Robot League, players place bets on the outcome of a massive mech battle the size of a dozen city blocks!
•After bets are placed, they get the chance to influence the battle by sliding the Mechs across the arena, knocking out rivals, and buying Scheme cards from the Insider to bend the rules. Particularly devious gamblers might even pay the Fixer to change their bets during the battle!
•It’s a fast and exciting mech-battling betting game, where you’re rooting for your desired outcome over any specific team. Occasionally your opponents will be helping a shared bet, occasionally they’ll be knocking out mechs you need to survive. Since all bets are hidden, you won’t know until the end, and might even be able to bluff an opponent into accidentally doing exactly what you want!
•When the mechanical carnage dies down, and there are five or fewer Mechs in the Arena, the round ends. You compare your betting cards, determine your points, and then get ready for the next round by resetting the Mechs, and determining your bets. After three rounds, add up all of your points, and whoever has the most points is the winner!
•2-5 Players | Ages 12+ | 20 Minutes Playing Time

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