Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows (Deluxe Edition)

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Band of Brothers: Texas Arrows is the third in a series of fast playing games of squad level combat in WWII. It is an expansion that requires both Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles and Band of Brothers: Ghost Panzer to play. Texas ARrows centers on the US 36th "Texas" Infantry Division and the module gets its name from the arrowhead that they used as a patch. Twelve scenarios follow the division from the Salerno landings in 1943, up the boot of Italy, through France, and into Germany. A variety of Elite and First line US troops square off against a mixture of Panzer Grenadiers, First Line, and Second Line German troops. This makes for a whole host of interesting tactical decisions with the different combinations of pure infantry and mixed infantry/vehicle scenarios. Some of the new things that show up include Mines, Fortified Positions, Night Attacks, Armed Halftracks, Level 3 Hills, Pillboxes and Smoke Grenades.
•Texas Arrows requires Ownership of Screaming Eagles and/or Ghost Panzer to play.
•TEXAS ARROWS will include 12 new scenarios (6 requiring SE and 6 requiring GP). They are the most diverse and interesting scenarios in the Band of Brothers system.
•You’ll get a full counter sheet with the 36th Infantry division units, as well as 2 mounted boards. Player aid cards, and a large game box to store all of your BAND OF BROTHERS goodies.
•Some of the counters include the German Hetzer (Troublemaker), Nashorn (Rhino), SPW 251/10, and Pillbox/Fortified counters.
•Ages 13+

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