BANG! Dynamite Box (Collector's Edition)

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This Dynamite Box includes a total of 5 full games, 3 expansions, and collector components! The Dynamite Box includes one (1x) full copy of the following games: Bang!, Dodge City, Gold Rush, Armed & Dangerous, The Great Train Robbery AND one (1x) full copy of expansion packs: Wild West Show, The Valley of Shadows, High Noon and A Fistful of Cards. Additional contents Bang! collectors will love include: one (1x) red dynamite stick, 34x wooden bullets, 9x special character promo cards, and 8x premium dual layer player boards.
•Hitting your shots, dodging those of your opponents, gaining or losing life points will be more thrilling and engaging than ever with the BANG! Dynamite Box, which offers limitless gaming experience.
•The Box contains all expansions and some pieces for true collectors: a dynamite stick for an explosive gameplay variant, 34 wooden bullets, 9 extra cards, and 8 premium game boards
•Also included are the components of BANG!, Dodge City, Gold Rush, Wild West Show, The Valley of Shadows, High Noon, Armed & Dangerous, and The Great Train Robbery.
•3-8 Players | Ages 8+ | 20-40 Minutes Playing Time

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