Battle Spirits Saga Card Game: Set 03 - Aquatic Invaders Booster Box

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The new color BLUE is here! Blue specializes in going on the offensive while placing nexuses! Most Realm of Water denizens had no clue that their emperor had been all but usurped by the hardliners. In fact, many of the emperor's strongest generals, Mandala included, still supported both sides indiscriminately.
•STRATEGIZE WITH NEXUSES: There are many blue cards that make use of nexuses. Play lots of nexuses and go on the offensive!
•DESTROY YOUR OPPONENT'S DECK: BSS03 features many blue cards with the Crush effect! Crush is an effect that lets you take a number of cards equal to the spirit’s level from your opponent’s deck and place those cards into their trash!
•PLAY POWERFUL TOKENS: Following up the previous white and green tokens, blue tokens are now here too! Blue tokens are extremely strong, with 10,000 BP! Get your powerful tokens on the field and take the advantage!
•BOX TOPPER #1: TOKEN CARD WITH CHANGING IMAGE (1 OF 3 TYPES) - Get a special token card with art that changes depending on the angle you look at it! One of three kinds: white and green token cards, previous released through BSS02, and blue tokens from BSS03.
•BOX TOPPER #2: PACK OF 5 REISSUED CARDS (1 OF 3 TYPES: SPIRIT, NEXUS, MAGIC) - We’re reissuing some BSS01/BSS02 all-rounder cards that get used frequently in matches! These are great value for people just starting BSS! A holo version of BSS01-058 Type-90 Tankmobile is guaranteed in every pack.

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