BattleTech: Alpha Strike Box Set

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It is the 32nd century. For a millennia, mankind has waged wars across thousands of worlds in human-occupied space. The Great Houses. The Clans. The Periphery. A myriad of star empires claiming ascendance, as others wane or fall. They marshal MechWarriors who owe them fealty, each one the master of a towering avatar of destruction: the BattleMech. Now you are given command of these modern-day knights, dropped onto a battlefield: use your wits and skill to bring victory, or end up a casualty on a forgotten world.
•BattleTech is the world’s greatest armored-combat game.
•And in Alpha Strike, you take command of large-scale engagements with tabletop-miniatures gameplay designed for the modern wargamer.
•Inside includes everything you need to start tossing dice and charging toward the enemy on your gaming table.
•Includes 13 high-quality, fully assembled (unpainted) miniatures
•Also includes 40-page rulebook, 24-page fiction novella, 16-page Universe Primer, 13 Alpha Strike cards, 13 MechWarrior cards, 25 Battlefield Support cards, 1 heavy-stock reference sheet, 2 Punchboards of trees and game counters, 9 small fold-up cardstock buildings, 6 large fold-up cardstock buildings, and 2 six-sided dice

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