Behext Deck-Building Game

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BEHEXT is a deck-building game of magical combat, where your hand of spells is both your only defense and your only currency. To that end, you must sacrifice cards from your hand, and even your own willpower, to custom - build your arcane arsenal. Begin as a unique Battlemages specialized in your own magical discipline. Then, tailor your deck to your strategic tastes and in reaction to emerging opportunities. Curse and counter-curse your opponents into submission… without being Hexed yourself.
•​Everything in the game is a double-edged sword. It's a game where buying Victory Points comes at a risk, as the cards can end up punishing you during play. Where adding cards to your deck requires you to discard the cards you are currently using for defense, temporarily weakening you.
•And to counter balance that, the purchased cards go immediately into your hand where they can be used instantly.
•Attacking an opponent gives them the ability to purchase new and more powerful cards. All of which adds great tension and unique things to consider in crafting your strategy.
•The BEHEXT core game comes with four in-box Mastery Packs you unlock over time. Each adds another Battlemage, new mechanics and a total of 72 new cards.
•3-5 Players | Ages 14+ | 15 Minutes Per Player

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