Bicycle 3-Track Color Coded Wooden Cribbage Board

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Pegged in Tradition - Find out why cribbage is one of the most popular Board Games in the English-speaking world and has been virtually unchanged for over 300 years! Using a wooden board, plastic pegs and a deck of standard playing cards players compete to be the first to score 121 points. For a two-person game, each player takes two matching color pegs and places them in the starting positions on the board. Shuffle the cards cut the deck, and the person with the lowest card goes first. The dealer in each round automatically moves one of their pegs three spaces in walking formation to balance out the disadvantage of going second. Each player gets six cards and after looking at them, puts two down to form the crib for the dealer's second hand. At the end of the round, the dealer gets the points in the crib. A player's remaining four cards become the draw deck. Depending on what card is drawn, players are awarded points and move their pegs forward in a walking formation, meaning you alternate which peg gets moved forward. Play continues until there are no more cards left. The first person to reach the last space on the board with one peg is the winner.
•Cribbage is a quick and challenging game of strategy, tactics and counting for 2-4 players that makes a great brain tease for growing minds.
•The fun of Cribbage only improves over time and practice definitely makes perfect.
•The Bicycle Cribbage game includes rules a three-track patriotic themed score board that is red, white, and blue, and pegs.
•A traditional gift that always delivers.
•Perfect to tuck into your luggage on vacation, for a visit to the relatives or anytime.

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