Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo - French Light Cavalry Brigade

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There are few more impressive sights to see than massed French light cavalry in full array. Green-clad Chasseurs and the colourfully dressed Hussars did most of the outpost and scouting duties before battle commenced. Perhaps the most impressive of the light cavalry units are the splendidly dressed and equipped lancers of the line wielding wicked 9 foot long ash lances that used to deadly effect. Accompanying them is a battery of 6-pounder horse artillery served by skilled veteran gunners who can advance with their cavalry brigade.
•This plastic set provides enough models to field a complete brigade of three French light cavalry regiments (21 Lancers, 18 Hussars and 21 Chasseurs a Cheval) and a 3-gun horse artillery 6-pdr battery.
•Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
•Glues & paints not included
•Ages 14+

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