Blood Bowl: Snotling Pitch - Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set

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The fields that Snotling teams use as their home grounds better resemble a bog than a usable Blood Bowl pitch – something that can be partly attributed to the fact that Snotling teams win very few games, & earn little gold with which to improve their facilities. Games played on these festering quagmires are particularly treacherous, for a thick, cloying marsh can cause even the most sure-footed runner to become bogged down, while the fungi that litter the playing surface are prone to expelling clouds of choking spores at seemingly random moments...One side of the pitch is muddy & dank, with moss & fungi scattered across it & a prominent Snotling Team icon in the centre. On the other side, the mushrooms have multiplied, & the air is choked with green spores. You'll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Redesigned for the latest edition of the game, each dugout features score, turn, & re-roll trackers, plus Reserves, Knocked-out, & Casualty boxes.
•This set contains a double-sided, fold-out card Blood Bowl pitch and dugouts depicting the home stadium of a Snotling Blood Bowl team.
•One side features the stadium in ideal conditions (well, at least for Snotlings!), and the other the same stadium after a sudden burst of spores has erupted from the fungi on the pitch, cloaking the ground and the players in a cloud of choking spores!
•You will need a copy of the Blood Bowl Game to use the contents of this set.
•Models shown on box not included.

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