Carcassonne: Expansion 6 - Count/King/Robber

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Enhance the world of Carcassonne with new characters in Count, King & Robber, the sixth expansion in the legendary series. Will you take command of the largest city and rule with the King, or will you follow the longest road, taking control with the Robber? Choose to start the game with the eponymous city itself or a new, winding river. Along with the large Carcassonne city tiles, this box includes twenty-two additional tiles to give players exciting new landscapes to build and more strategic moves to make. Claim the city, build shrines and journey across the longest road to claim your victory!
•THIS IS A CARCASSONNE BOARD GAME EXPANSION: You will need Carcassonne Base Game in order to play with this expansion.
•STRATEGY GAME - PLAN YOUR WAY TO VICTORY: Develop the landscape of a medieval fortress city one tile at a time. Whether blocking a city's growth or connecting with your opponent’s road to share the points, Carcassonne provides plenty of ways to use your cunning and outsmart your opponents.
•RULE THE CITY OR THE ROADS: Choose to rule the city or patrol the roads with this expansion's new options. Claim the largest city and gain the king tile for bonus points or take charge of the longest road as the robber. Either option gives new opportunities to claim points and outwit your opponents.
•NEW ELEMENTS IN THIS EXPANSION: Two large city tiles let you start the game. The mysterious count oversees the city of Carcassonne, patrolling the main areas of the city. Free trapped followers or block other followers with the count’s movement around the city.
•THIS EXPANSION OFFERS INCREASED REPLAYABILITY: With its simple yet rich game mechanics and its numerous game combination possibilities, Carcassonne appeals to beginners and veteran gamers alike. LOOKING FOR NEW ADVENTURES? Try our many expansions (Note: Expansions require Carcassonne Base Game to play). Average Playtime: 45 minutes.

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