Cardfight Vanguard: Revival Selection Booster Box

BushiroadSKU: VGE-V-SS09

Sale price$79.99


This set contains reprints of powerful and important cards that are played in current Premium decks, as well as printings of cards that were previously only available in the Japanese format! Furthermore, all of these cards will be printed in RRR foiling, with a select few being printed in SP foiling! This will be a great opportunity for players to learn more about the Premium format, and join in on the fun! Veterans of the Premium format will also be able to ‘bling’ out their decks!
•Officially licensed
•Each booster box contains 24 packs
•Each booster pack contains 7 cards
•There may be a higher number of certain cards compared to others, and there is a high possibility that it may be difficult to collect all types of cards
•It is possible to mix and play with other Eglish version "Cardfight!! Vanguard" cards already in circulation

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