Cardfight!! Vanguard Revival Selection Special Series 09

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Featuring G units, G guardians, Stand triggers, and more! Also featuring 6 cards that have not been released in English version before!! Various popular units and Stand Trigger units from each clan make a return! Regardless of whether you are a new player or a veteran player of the Premium format, there will be many cards to look forward to! Each pack will be a Clan Pack, as the 7 cards from each clan featured in this series will be put into the same pack! G Guardian of the SP rarity will randomly replace the G Guardian of the RRR rarity within the pack.
•7 cards per pack
•This set contains 168 cards (6 new/162 reissue)
•Features all 24 clans excluding Etranger and Touken Ranbu
•English edition
•Ages 9+

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