Cartographers: Affril - Plane of Knowledge, Map Pack 2

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When a rift opened and strange creatures rode through on their bat-like steeds, you knew you’d only have one chance to map this plane. You leapt through, finding yourself standing on a network of purplestone archways, rising from a vast, gray sea. Now, you pull out your level and compass and begin what surely is the greatest challenge of your career as a royal cartographer. This map pack can be played with either Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or Cartographers Heroes. It includes 75 double-sided new map sheets featuring the purplestone islands of this world and 3 new scoring cards, specifically for use with this map pack. Made in China.
•EXPANSION: Affril is an expansion that is compatible with Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and Cartographers Heroes.
•75 DOUBLE-SIDED MAP SHEETS: Featuring six islands with different layouts. Players start on two islands and may only expand that are only connected and available by spending coins.
•SCORING CARDS: New island-specific scoring challenges. Select one of three to use each game.
•THEMATIC LORE: You’ve leapt through a rift to a different world and stand before a network of purplestone archways rising from a vast gray sea.
•1-75 Players, 30-45 Minutes, Ages 10+

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