Castles of Mad King Ludwig (2nd Edition) Expansions

Bezier GamesSKU: BEZCASX1STST5K052023

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Build incredible enhancements for your castle with 6 new Expansions for Castles of Mad King Ludwig 2nd Edition. Moats surround your castle and increase its value. Secret passages connect rooms for bonus points. Royal Decrees give each player a unique starting ability. Towers add a new room type. And Renovations replace existing rooms with double the rewards!
•Each expansion can be played separately or combined with the others
•75 more rooms add to the variety of your castles
•Includes components and rules to add a 5th player
•All expansion components and GameTrayz fit in the original Castles of Mad King Ludwig 2nd edition box
•Elevate your Castles of Mad King Ludwig 2nd Edition with 6 expansions, from moats to royal decrees.

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