Catan: Legend of the Conquerors

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After CATAN – Legend of the Sea Robbers Klaus and Benjamin Teuber designed another legend for the popular CATAN® - Cities & KnightsExpansion. Three exciting chapters tell about the impending downfall of Catan by foreign conquerors and offer the most advanced CATAN connoisseurs many new and challenging game elements. The additional game elements require deep strategic thinking and provide the most intense challenge designed to date. The CATAN base game and the extension CATAN - Cities & Knights are required for this expansion. A feast for all strategy fans! A detailed insight into the game is provided by a series of blog posts, which Klaus Teuber wrote personally and will be published in the coming weeks prior to the release of the game in English.
•THIS IS A SCENARIO EXPANSION FOR CATAN CITIES & KNIGHTS: This is NOT a complete game. This Cities & Knights Scenario requires both a CATAN base game and the CATAN Cities & Knights expansion to play.
•A LEGENDARY CAMPAIGN OF 3 LINKED SCENARIOS: 670 years after the arrival of the first settlers on CATAN, an enemy army lands on the northern shores. Knights from every region must join together to defend the island. Can you save CATAN from destruction?
•ADD VARIABILITY TO YOUR CATAN STRATEGY GAMES: Three exciting chapters tell an interwoven story. This new system forces experienced players to consider new strategies for victory. It is the most intense challenge for CATAN ever designed and requires deep strategic thinking that will delight even CATAN experts.
•FUN FAMILY GAMES FOR GAME NIGHT: An international favorite, CATAN has been called the "Perfect Social Game". Check out our entire collection of CATAN board games for adults and kids to enjoy on family game night. Enjoy hours of fast-paced, interactive fun!
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun family game is designed for 3 to 4 players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Average playtime is approximately 120 to 90 minutes.

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