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WINSTON’S MAC N’ CHEESE IS MISSING! Your favorite Squishmallows have brought something special to share with their friends at a big party in a mysterious mansion. Suddenly, the lights go out! When the lights turn back on someone has stolen Winston’s Mac n’ Cheese and no one will confess. In Clue®: Squishmallows, search the mansion top to bottom as Cam, Emily, Leonard, Lola, Zozo, and Avery to discover WHO ate the mac n’ cheese, WHAT item was left as evidence, and WHERE they perpetrated the delicious crime.
•Use your best deduction skills to help out Squishmallows in this playful take on the classic mystery game!
•In CLUE: Squishmallows, someone has crashed the squad's sharing party, and now Winston's mac n' cheese is missing!
•Take on the roles of Leonard, Cam, Lola, Zozo, Avery, and Emily to explore a fancy mansion and find out WHO took the mac n' cheese, WHAT item they left behind, and WHERE they stashed the dish!
•Includes: 1 Custom Game Board, 6 Character Movers, 6 Custom Item Tokens, 6 Personality Cards, 21 Rumor Cards, 21 Support Cards, 1 Pad Custom Clue Sheets, Envelope, 2 Six-sided Dice, Rulebook
•2-6 Players | Ages 8+ | 60 Min Play Time

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