CLUE: Wednesday | Classic Board Game Inspired by The Netflix Original Series

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A dark mystery with terrible dangers is yours to solve in this spooky, modern take on the classic mystery game. With the dangerous Hyde on the loose, you play as students of Nevermore Academy like Wednesday Addams and Ajax Petropolus. You've got to keep your wits about you as you determine WHO will be the Hyde's next victim, WHERE will the Hyde attack, and WHAT item was key in bringing him down!
•INSPIRED BY THE WEDNESDAY ADDAMS Netflix Series: - Uncover a dark and modern twist on the classic mystery game with CLUE: Wednesday. Navigate the eerie halls of Nevermore Academy and outsmart the dangerous Hyde before he strikes again!
•WHO, WHAT, WHERE: Take on the role of six Nevermore Academy students, including Wednesday Addams and Ajax Petropolus to discover WHO will be Hyde's next victim, WHERE will Hyde attack, and WHAT item will be used in its capture
•UNIQUE GAME CHANGING PERSONALILTY CARDS: All 6 playable characters (Wednesday Addams, Ajax Petropolus, Eugene Ottinger, Enid Sinclair, Yoko Tanaka and Biana Barclay) will start with a once-per-game unique ability that provides a special advantage over your opponents!
•STRATEGIZE WITH CUSTOM WEAPONS AND CLUES: Equip yourself with 6 custom weapons (Beehive, Bow, Chains, Fencing Foil, Crackstone’s Sword and Poison Syringe ) as you strategize to bring down Hyde. Use the dice to make strategic moves across the custom Wednesday game board of Nevermore academy and its neighboring locations to navigate the twists and turns of the game. With personalized components, every decision leads you closer to solving the mystery.
•GAME FOR AGES 8 AND UP: This edition of CLUE makes a great gift for all Wednesday and Addams Family fans alike! Inspired by the hit Netflix series, it's a board game for 2-6 players, for ages 8 and up. Approximately, 60-minute play time.

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