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Russia, was ruled until 1796 by Catherine the Great. It would then suffer under "Mad" Tsar Paul I, until his assassination in 1801, which brought his son Alexander I to the throne. Alexander, in command of a Russian army that was as vast as the territory from which it was drawn, did his best by various treaties and alliances to counter the increasing power of France under Napoleon without going to war. The Russian army at the time of Napoleonic wars still had many characteristics of Peter the Great’s regime; senior officers were largely recruited from aristocratic circles, and the Russian soldier was regularly beaten and punished to instill discipline. Furthermore, many lower-level officers were poorly trained. Yet the Russians involved in hostilities with its neighbors - Sweden, Poland, Turkey and Austria - were capable of astonishing feats and total, blind obedience to orders.
•The Russian Army is a Coalition expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics.
•It seems like the Russian Army expansion has been on the march for some time. Or perhaps it has been the slow moving French invasion force.
•Whichever the case, the second expansion for Commands & Colors Napoleonics, the Russian Army, is all wrapped up and is off to be manufactured.
•The Russian Army expansion features; 220 blocks: with over 40 dark green Russian units and a few dark blue French reinforcements; Russian and French National Unit Reference Cards; Russian Infantry Square Track; 20 scenarios bumped up by GMT from 18 and a number of new terrain types.
•But the most interesting feature introduced in the expansion, in my opinion, is a new game mechanic called the Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll. No two scenarios will set up the same when the Pre-Battle Mother Russia Roll rule is in effect.

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